Friday, September 9, 2011

Search Helper

I do a lot of web searches and as a part of that I learned the advanced search syntax for Google Search engine.  I used that a lot to filter my searches by site or document type or restrict it to page title or links etc. In 2006 I wrote an IE browser extension to help doing advanced search. Since then many things happened, I worked on several projects and used a lot of technologies but one thing is still common. I still do a lot of web searches every day and advanced search still a main part of that. 

I started using Chrome browser couple of years ago and I recently felt I want to add advanced search to Chrome. I wrote a chrome extension to allow using Google Advanced Search and named it Search Helper

Search helper will allow you to do a fine grained search using google advanced search features.
You build your search using term groups. Term group is a group of words (terms) that you can use in your search and could be scoped to specific scope (title, url .. etc) as described below.

Term group scopes:
All: search in all page
Url: scope search to pages with url containing the terms
Title: scope search to pages with title containing the terms
Anchor: scope search to anchor text containing the terms
Text: scope search to pages with text containing the terms

You could have multiple term groups in your search to fine grain the search. For example if you want to search for pages with google in the url and books in title type google in the first term group terms edit box and select url in the scopes and add another group and type books in it and scope it to title (see screen shot)
You could delete a term group from your search by pressing the button "x"

Search Scope:
You could scope your entire search using one of these options:
Site: scope the search to specific site ex:
File Type: scope the search to specific file type
Within: scope the search to pages last updated within a number of days, months or years

I hope it help you do more accurate searches.

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